Where do Malaysians shop for their skincare?

Online shopping in Malaysia has gained significant popularity over the years and this has changed the way Malaysians shop for their skincare.

Online shopping has opened up new opportunities for smaller skincare brands to inexpensively market their products, whereas established skincare brands are looking to online shopping to offset the general decline in retail.


What drives a consumer to buy their skincare online?

Our survey shows that consumers are most likely to cite lower prices as their reason for buying their skincare online.


Even though that low prices is deemed to be the motivation for online skincare purchase, we can’t ignore the differing factors that discourages consumers from purchasing their skincare offline.


The authenticity of skincare brands has become the major deterrent in online skincare purchases as cited by 33.4% of consumers who bought their skincare offline. In order for online stores to encourage more consumers to buy their skincare online, proactive measures are needed to clamp down on the sale of fake skincare brands on their platform.


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