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The Internet has made this world an open enterprise and offers a seamless experience to online users. It has become important for companies and individuals to expand their target market. Engaging in digital marketing can help mitigate risk to businesses who wish to venture into the digital space.

Digital marketing increases the chances for your target consumers purchasing your product or service. This is achieved by identifying the product that will best capture their interests and needs. Businesses can also specifically identify who these consumers are, by demographics, i.e. age, spending power and location, and by psycho-graphics, i.e. lifestyles, opinions and interests.

At present, you can use a variety of digital marketing solutions offered by companies or set up your own digital marketing team, which can be your consumer support tool. This solution may include content marketing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketing automation, big data, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and more to create the significant online commercial impact. Since you need to maximise your return, you need to choose the ideal digital marketing solution that will help you achieve this.


Malaysia Online Market Opportunity


Malaysia is one of the fastest online user growth countries with more than 28.7 million Internet users in 2018 and over 29 million expected in 2020, which means 90% of Malaysians have access to the Internet. Online users aged 20 to 60 years constitute 85.4% of total users. 70.5% of online users are employed and self-employed. There are 63.1% of online users who spend one to eight hours on the Internet every day. Most online users use smartphones (93.1%) and laptops (44.2%) to access the Internet. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat rank among the top 3 social networking applications chosen by Malaysian online users.

Place to access Internet

Daily Time Spent with Media

Online Business

More companies are moving online to promote their products and services. However, 6 out of every 10 companies still do not have a website for their businesses. Alternatively, they may still be able to reach and engage potential consumers through the use of digital marketing techniques. From our surveyed data, Malaysian online users between the ages of 16 and 64 said they discovered new brands and products via below channels:

Ads in social media – 41%

Ads on television – 41%

Retail websites – 39%

Search engines – 39%

Word-of-mouth recommendations – 35%

Recommendations or comments on social media – 35%

Brand or product websites – 34%

Ads on websites – 34%

Ads on mobile or tablet apps – 33%

In-store displays or promotions – 30%



91% of online users searched online to find more information on product or service. Not surprisingly, 90% of online users visited an online retail store, while 82% of online users have made purchases online. Laptop, desktop computers and mobile devices are the main devices for making an online purchase.

In 2019, a total of 19.9 million Malaysians purchased consumer goods online with a total of approximately RM 16 billion spent in the e-commerce market. Digital advertising has become a priority for most businesses due to low advertising costs and is considered cost-effective.

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